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Colorado Springs Low Start-Up Business Welcome to the Xocai chocolate blog! I am Hi I’m Kaye and I sell chocolate Kaye Anderson. My Xocai team is growing steadily as the healthy chocolate revolution gains steam in the Colorado Springs area.

I started sharing Xocai antioxidant chocolate in August 2010. Since then, my mental and physical health has improved along with my income. You can read more about me at

Why is my weight-loss chocolate business growing? It’s simple – health and prosperity. Briargate and Rockrimmon people are beginning to realize that they cannot eliminate chocolate from their diet. The chocolate lovers I speak with are passionate about their love affair with chocolate. As Xocai founder Jeanette Brooks often explains, “When you are depressed, you want chocolate, when you are happy, you want chocolate . . .”

Clearly, chocolate is very important to most Fort Carson people. However, people who have been eating unhealthy chocolate regularly for years are worried about the saturated fats and refined sugar in conventional chocolate. When these people learn about Xocai healthy chocolate, they realize that it is THE ANSWER. Xocai chocolate fills two essential needs – a commitment to a healthier diet and ultimate chocolate satisfaction. For many Colorado Springs chocoholics, this is enough.

However, some of the Rockrimmon people who attend my Colorado Springs healthy dark chocolate meetings join Xocai and start their own direct marketing business.

It’s easy to understand why Xocai is thriving. Healthy chocolate is ‘recession-proof’. (Remember, Xocai created the healthy chocolate category.) When the economy tanks, Briargate people give up cable TV, vacations, eating out and new clothes. But they don’t give up chocolate. A daily chocolate escape helps Colorado Springs people get through hard times.

If you would like to learn more about the Xocai opportunity, call me today at 719-590-6239.

I sell chocolate

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